Friday, April 5

Time to Wake Up!

Time to wake up the garden, that is!  Hubby and I spent a beautiful Saturday last weekend out working on the yard, including prepping the garden beds for the growing season.  I don't think that the official growing season will begin for another few weeks here in northwest Ohio, but I purchased a pound of seed potatoes and cut them up to cure anyway.  They can go in the bed in a week or so.  It might still be chilly outside, but the beds are ready to be planted when it does warm up!
I recently read that adding crushed egg shells to the hole when you plant your tomatoes is a good thing, adding calcium to the soil and preventing root problems in the tomato plant.  I've been collecting dried out egg shells for the past few weeks.  I'll keep collecting them until I plant my tomatoes.

My seed potatoes.

My gardening veggies for this year.  The radishes can probably go in soon.

The perils of working outside in the muddy yard and garden.

Here are the garden beds, with new manure, growing soil and fertilizer mixed in.  They are ready to go!  I'm hoping for some rain to saturate the dirt and activate the nutrients, but so far, we've had a pretty dry spring as far as rainfall is concerned.  Snow, however, is a different story.  Happy gardening season!

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