Monday, October 28

Busy Weekend!

I spent time up in Michigan with family this weekend.  I had a good time, did some shopping, ate some good food, and went to some great places.  While I was there, I found a delightful quilt shop in Frankenmuth that I'd never visited before, The Front Porch Quilt Shop.  My mom and I decided to stop in, and spent over an hour looking at some gorgeous fabrics.  They had a great selection, and their fall and Christmas fabrics were on sale!  We both left with several pieces of fabric, and I even went back on Saturday before we came home to get a few more pieces.  I have grand plans for all of this beautiful and festive fabric!

As of last Friday, there are officially two months until Christmas.  This time of the year always goes by so quickly!  Thankfully, I didn't have any housework that needed to be done on Sunday, so while the hubs watched football, I got Christmas crafty.  I spent all day making these adorable little snowman & tree sets that are available to purchase on Etsy.  They turned out just as I had pictured them, and I'm very happy with them.  I think I'll keep one set of each color for myself.  If they sell well, I'll make more!
You can visit my Etsy stores here:
The Sunflower Tree
Punkin Stuffins
I'll be adding new Christmas items soon!

Did you know that I started a new blog?  I am making recipes from an antique 1845 cookbook that I own, and revising them to today's recipe standards.  It's a lot of fun.  I'd love for you to stop by and check it out: The Colonial Cook!

Tuesday, October 22

It's Getting Closer...

It's here.

The word that many dread.

The weather phenomenon that instills fear in the hearts of drivers young and old.

That four-letter word.


No, we don't have any yet.  It's in the weather forecast for this week, though!  It is a little early, but not unheard of.  I remember going trick-or-treating as a child with a heavy winter coat on, and snow on the ground some years.  It's been a while since it's been forecast this early, but I don't mind it--I always anticipate the first snows of the year.  I just think it's beautiful, and I love being inside, bundled up in a quilt, snuggled up all nice and warm with my hubby watching a movie.  Plus, it means that the holidays are getting closer!  I love this time of year.

Speaking of quilts, I received an early birthday present this year: this quilt that my mother-in-law made for me.  I've always wanted a hand-made quilt, but no one's ever given me one made especially for me.  I love it; it's just gorgeous!

I love receiving hand-made things, so it's perfect.  She made it with Christmas fabric, which is great, because it's my favorite holiday.  I love all things Christmas.  Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan is my favorite store.  If you've never been there, it's worth the trip, I promise.  You know, I would leave Christmas decorations up all year if I could.  Except for maybe July.
Well, that's it for now.  If you're anywhere in the northern half of the US right now, stay warm!

Sunday, October 13

War of 1812--Battle of Mississinewa

Is it just me, or is the fall the busy time of year for others too?  I find my task list seeming to be a mile long at times.  Things seem to pop up on the weekends, and the weekends are my only time when I feel like I have the energy and focus to do the larger tasks that need doing.  The big thing on my list right now is making more pumpkin puree to freeze--but finding time to go out to the pumpkin farm is not easy!  I hope I don't have to forgo making the puree this year due to other commitments, but it's not looking good.

This past weekend, the hubs and I traveled to Indiana for the annual Missisinewa 1812 reenactment and camp.
This commemorates the battle that took place in December of 1812 on this site, where American troops clashed with the local Indian tribe, but is not a re-enactment of the actual battle.
Hubby and his family went to this every year (usually) when he was younger, and we've gone several times since we've been married. 
Hubby, who has a degree in History, spent his time as a graduate student studying the War of 1812 as his history concentration, so he's well-versed on all things War of 1812, and he always enjoys seeing the battles replayed. 
I enjoy it too, because I love living history. 
There are food vendors, general store tents, furriers, potters, jewelers, and all sorts of other fun things to see. 
I love seeing the re-enactors cooking over a wood fire outside. 
I love all of the artisans and specialists that sell unique items. 
I purchased two hand-made wooden spoons, a bar of tea tree soap, and a tube of all-natural mint lip balm.  However, this year, we went on Friday, when all of the schools also take field trips to see the battle.  Without going off on a tangent, it was a bad choice, and the kids were so ill-mannered and rude that we regretted the decision to go.  But I was still able to take many pictures, which I love to do.  So enjoy our time-travel trip back to the War of 1812!

Friday, October 4

Just a Post

Wow, it's October.  Hard to believe!  Especially when our first week of October topped the 80 degree mark each day.  I'm just so ready for the cool fall weather!  Every year I get impatient for the seasons to change, but I can't help it.  Every season has such wonderful qualities to appreciate.  I love the crisp air and beautiful countryside in the fall, the white sparkling snow in the winter, the new life in the spring, and the warmth of the summer sun.  I'm hoping to get some pumpkins soon, but our weekends appear to be booked through the month.  We'll see.

I've been busy.  Nothing really to write home about, so to speak, but I'm working on so many little projects that it feels like I'm constantly busy.  Plus, I started Christmas shopping...anyone else like to get their Christmas shopping done early?  I don't like rushing around to do my shopping after Thanksgiving, so I'm excited to start crossing things off of my list now.  That way, I can just sit back and watch the craziness of the holiday season in relative serenity.
I've found myself feeling quite restless lately.  I get this way sometimes--I'm ready for a change, something new; the day-to-day routine becomes hum-drum.  I get wanderlust, and need to strike out and see something I've not seen before.  Then I wonder why I can't just be content with what I have and what I see.  I'm not seeking some sort of drama, just something to get me excited about life again.  Does anyone else ever experience this?  When I find myself in this mood, I don't know what to do with myself, and invariably do nothing, opting for the vegetative state of mindless television watching.  I get excited with an idea--maybe something crafty, or trying a new recipe, or doing something that I've put off for a while--then manage to talk myself right out of doing the very thing that I had just been excited to do.  What's wrong with me?  Perhaps I'm just normal, and everyone goes through these phases.  Which is exactly what it is--a phase.  Ah, it will pass, just as it always does.