Sunday, November 27


Hello!  I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  Ours was filled with family and delicious food.  Our brother-in-law did the turkey honors this year and provided us all with two delicious smoked turkeys, cooked to perfection.  We all thought it was absolutely wonderful.  We also enjoyed homemade rolls, corn casserole,  mashed potatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes, stuffing, and of course, pumpkin pie.  It was a wonderful dinner.  None of us participated in Black Friday shopping, so we just spent the day doing some relaxing and a little bit of afternoon shopping (it was brief, but fun, and deals were still found).  We ended the day with pizza, and left Saturday around noon.  It was a beautiful day Friday and Saturday, too, with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s.  Unusual for this time of year, but quite enjoyable!  After returning home, we did some yard work and I got to do some Christmas decorating--something I've been waiting all year to do!  I didn't get everything done, but I also think I won't put out all of the decorations that I have, too.  So, with the exception of the Christmas tree, I may be very close to being done with decorating.  I'm okay with that.  It's supposed to rain/snow for the next several days, so we'll certainly get the tree up between now and then.  Happy decorating, everyone!

Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure:

I feel I must explain this first picture.  Every time we go to see my husband's family, we pass this farm just outside of Celina, Ohio.  This sign is actually the name of the farm, and I had to share it with you.  The first time we saw it, we both did double-takes.  And then we laughed hysterically.

Decorations for Christmas:


Wednesday, November 16

Is It Christmas Yet?

Three years ago to the day today it was snowing on the fallen leaves
I can't believe that it's been over two weeks since I've been on here!  Time is flying right now.  This time of the year is always busier than normal--everyone in my family has a fall birthday, there are some fall birthdays on my hubby's side of the family, several holidays to plan for, and Christmas wonder it's halfway through November already!  We are almost entirely done with the issues that we have been dealing with concerning our house.  The craft shows are finally over, and I'm not entirely sure that I want to do that ever again.  Although, it was good for earning some just didn't have any sort of long-term effects for my little online store that I had hoped for.  That's the way it goes, I guess, in an economy that seems to be in very rough shape.  We have family members and friends that are experiencing some hard times right now, and it just seems like, in retrospect, this has been a tough year in general for a lot of people.  Some days, it's hard to be positive about much of anything.  At least I can look forward to decorating for the seasons.  It's one of the little joys I like to anticipate, and I love doing it! 

I truly can't believe that Thanksgiving is next Thursday.  We plan to spend it with family, and eat lots of food!  I want to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you are able to spend it with those you love.  Happy Thanksgiving!

No matter what the circumstances, the Lord is always with us.  Countless entries of Scripture tell us this!  So why, when things go wrong, do I have a tendency to feel alone?  I don't think I'm the only one who has felt like this.  With all of the interesting situations that have presented themselves to us this year, I find it a good reminder that God's not leaving me to flail about helplessly in a sea of utter frustration.  Acts 3:19 states that those who are saved in the Lord will find a second wind: "Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord."  Psalm 139:7 says, "Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?"  (I find it amusing that this could have been applied all the way back to Adam when he tried to hide in the garden!)  And finally, in Exodus 33:14, God had to reassure Moses that He would be with them: "And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”  I know what I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving and every other day of the year.  What are you thankful for?