Tuesday, October 22

It's Getting Closer...

It's here.

The word that many dread.

The weather phenomenon that instills fear in the hearts of drivers young and old.

That four-letter word.


No, we don't have any yet.  It's in the weather forecast for this week, though!  It is a little early, but not unheard of.  I remember going trick-or-treating as a child with a heavy winter coat on, and snow on the ground some years.  It's been a while since it's been forecast this early, but I don't mind it--I always anticipate the first snows of the year.  I just think it's beautiful, and I love being inside, bundled up in a quilt, snuggled up all nice and warm with my hubby watching a movie.  Plus, it means that the holidays are getting closer!  I love this time of year.

Speaking of quilts, I received an early birthday present this year: this quilt that my mother-in-law made for me.  I've always wanted a hand-made quilt, but no one's ever given me one made especially for me.  I love it; it's just gorgeous!

I love receiving hand-made things, so it's perfect.  She made it with Christmas fabric, which is great, because it's my favorite holiday.  I love all things Christmas.  Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth, Michigan is my favorite store.  If you've never been there, it's worth the trip, I promise.  You know, I would leave Christmas decorations up all year if I could.  Except for maybe July.
Well, that's it for now.  If you're anywhere in the northern half of the US right now, stay warm!

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