Sunday, August 19

Organization...Less is More!

Well, I started on my reorganizing Friday.  I feel like I accomplished something!  I worked on the linen closet in the bathroom, and rearranged our kitchen pantry and some of the drawers in the kitchen.  I threw away things that I hadn't used, which enabled me to find places for all of the items that I decided to keep.  That would be my main tip here--go through your closets before you start to organize.  Get rid of things that you haven't used in a while...I always have "I didn't know I had that!" moments when I start cleaning.  A good rule for me is how long it's not been used: if it hasn't been used or needed in the last six months, unless it's holiday decor that goes out once a year, then it's not worth keeping.  Set it aside for a garage sale or pitch it.  You'll be happy you did, because after a few weeks, you won't remember that you ever had it anyway!  This is the approach I took.
Dun-dun-dun...the linen closet of doom
Our bathroom linen closet gets messy.  It's our  main storage space in our bathroom for not only our towels, but also any and all personal toiletries and bathroom-related items.  Oftentimes, I just put things on the shelves when unpacking my groceries from the store, and they usually don't end up next to other similar items.  I try to reorganize it every so often so that I can take a proper inventory of what we have and what we need, but it becomes difficult when I can't see what I have.  So, I purchased four baskets at Meijer for $4.50 each.  They were just white rigid plastic, with tall sides and flat bottoms.  I set each basket out on the floor and began pulling items out of the linen closet.  I placed similar items in the same basket, and threw away items that were either never used or expired. I was able to successfully fill (but not overfill) all four baskets, and now have a great system for being able to tell what I have and what I need.  I also used a small tub that I had to throw all of my loose cleaning supplies and bottles in for the floor/bottom shelf.  I successfully reorganized my closet and spent under $20, and am happy with the result!  Now, instead of knocking over a bottle of mouthwash to get to the cold medicine, all I need to do is pull out the basket with all of our medicines and first aid supplies, and then put it back.  Easy peasy!  It looks a lot better, too.  I just need to label the bins so that hubby can find whatever he might need.
First shelf: pthb.  Before picture.  I'm so ashamed.
More than half of what was on the first shelf fit in this bin.  I did this for both shelves and all of the items in the closet.
Second shelf.  Needs help.  Again, ashamed.
First shelf--after reorganizing.  I left a few things out that I use at least once a day.
Second shelf.  I was able to fit two bins on each shelf and still have room for extra items.
Bottom/floor space.  I keep my cleaning supplies in here, but had extra that didn't fit in the caddy.  I used a tub that I already had to put all of the extra bottles and supplies in , and then pushed it to the back to make room for the TP.
And voila!  Linen closet reorganization complete!
I hope this helps you and gives you a few ideas if you are trying to reorganize.  I also started working on my kitchen, reorganizing and packing away items that I don't use regularly.  I will go into that in another post soon to come!

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