Tuesday, March 1

Singin' In The Rain

Our Yearly Flood
What a dramatic last few days it has been!  We made the national news again for our flooding problems here.  Hard to believe that we've flooded again, and yet, I'm getting used to it.  It seems like there has been some sort of major flooding in this area at least once each year since we've moved here.  I found myself backtracking twice on the way to work this morning, both times due to flooded major roads.  I wish I had taken my camera around to take pictures, but I really don't want to face a possible third-degree misdemeanor, whatever that may be.  It doesn't sound pleasant, I know that!  If you would like to see pictures of what the northwest Ohio area looks like that other people were brave enough to take, here are a few links from an area television station for you to view: Riverbend Recreation Area (you can see the main entrance to the reservoir, and the newly-built covered bridge that spans the river), Lighthouse Park (you can see the tops of the pine trees, and the tops of the pavillions, this photo was taken before the river crested), Riley Creek, near Pandora (notice the half-submerged mailbox on the far right half of the photo), and the Bluffton area (the community was reportedly evacuated, but this cute doggy seems to be patiently waiting for his owner to heed the warning).  The downtown is again under water, parts of I-75 were closed due to flooding, and surrounding areas and communities have been evacuated once again.  I don't know how these businesses keep rebuilding and reopening like this...unfortunately, it has taken a toll on our downtown area.  I know that this area is not the only area that has flooded; there has been flooding across Indiana, and other parts of the country too.  Please pray for all of the people that have again been affected/displaced by another flood.

The flooding seems to have stopped, and things are now slowing returning to normal.  Flooding is no stranger to our earth, it has happened to varying degrees for thousands of years.  God promised that he would never send another catastrophic flood again after THE flood He sent back in Genesis: "Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." (Genesis 9:16)  Even when catastrophes do occur, God does not forget us, or turn His back on us.  Look for the rainbow in every bad thing that happens, both literally and figuratively!

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