Tuesday, July 1

The Garden Bed

Now that our front porch is finished, my husband and I have been hard at work, taking a weekend to work on our new garden.  We have spent long hours in the hot summer sunshine, enjoying the outdoors and each other's company.  We really do work well together!  We leveled the dirt, built a retaining wall, filled it with two loads of dirt, planted grass seed, placed a line of plain stepping stones along the edge of the driveway, and planted several plants.  Although it's not completely finished, we are so happy with it so far!

We've planted larkspur:

Sedum, which was a transplant from another area in our yard--one plant became three:
Columbine, also transplanted from another spot in the yard:

Little Grapette daylilies (not yet bloomed):

Photo from the internet
A mum, next to the larkspur, from another spot in the yard:

These beautiful calla lilies:

Pale pink balloon flowers:

This plant, called Scarlet O'Hara Catchfly, with bright reddish-orange blooms:

And my favorite, two beautiful pale yellow rose bushes, called Yellow Brick Road:

We'll still add more plants and put a layer of mulch down once all of the plants are placed.  It's been a lot of hard work and sweat, but it's been so gratifying to be able to take time off together and do this project.  We've gotten several compliments from passers-by, and we are so excited to see everything grow and bloom through the summer.  Time well spent!

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