Tuesday, June 4

Vintage Seed Packet Art

While in Gettysburg, we took the opportunity to do some antique shopping.  We found some really great things, but the prices were much higher than we had expected, so we didn't get much of anything.  However, I did find some really neat old seed packs, and thought that they would look great framed and hanging in the kitchen, just in time for the growing season.  I have no way to date them, because none of the packets have a year on them, but judging from the artwork, most date to the early half of the 20th century.  From now on, I'll keep my eyes peeled anytime we are antique shopping.  Check them out!
These were all the same size, so I framed them as one piece.  Candytuft & Turnip: 1920s.  Parsley: Early 1900s, based on similarities with this packet and the Kohl Rabi packet in the link.
These were all different sized, so they got individual frames.
1910s Nasturtiums Seed Packet

1920s Beet Packet

This was a box, but it's flattened in the frame.  1920s Peas Box.
This seed packet still had seeds in it, but I couldn't frame it without removing the seeds.  I do still have them, though.  1930s or '40s, notice the price is less on the one I have displayed vs. this one.

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