Wednesday, July 3

Yard Critters: 1, Me: 10 (pounds)

I didn’t want to do it.  I didn’t plan on doing it.  But the creatures of the urban forest forced my hand.  

I dug up my potatoes tonight.

It was either this, or sit on my back stoop 24/7 with heavy artillery and vaporize all offending critters that enter the yard.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

It’s a little early, but in my defense, they are an early variety.

Something has been gnawing on the stalks of my potatoes, digging up potatoes near the surface, and chewing on the potatoes.  Not the whole potato, mind you, but just a little nibble in one spot—enough to render them unusable for humans.  I have found four potatoes dug up and used as a chew toy in my bed, and after finding another one tonight, I decided enough was enough.  I can’t confirm my suspicion, but I suspect either the squirrel posse that terrorizes our neighborhood or the rabbits I’ve seen scoping out my backyard.  Fortunately for me, the plants were yellowing anyway, so I called the potato game on account of animals and took a shovel to the bed.  I had nine plants, and this is what I got:

Ten pounds of potatoes!  Would have been more if the furry fiends hadn’t dug some up to snack on.

We've finally been getting some decent rains lately.  It's really helped everything growing outside.  Here's a flower to brighten your day!

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