Saturday, January 19

Summer in the Winter!

Update: We had French toast for dinner, and hubs tried both kinds on his.  He absolutely loved it!

It's Saturday.  I love spending Saturday mornings with my husband...although, honestly, I love spending any and all time with him!  We usually sleep in and just take it easy, and this morning was no exception.  We got up and watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman on the DVR, and of course, she was making more delicious goodness on the ranch.  One thing that really caught my attention was her berry butter, and I made up my mind to try this recipe at some point today (with one minor addition to the recipe).

Butter freezes well, due to its high fat content.  Most anything with a lot of fat will freeze well.  During the holidays, I like to stock up on butter because it usually goes on sale quite often, so I had around ten boxes of butter (or ten pounds, I guess) in the freezer.  I took a couple boxes out, along with a bag of blueberries that I froze when they were ripe during the summer.  I have stopped freezing blueberries, though, because I find that they really seem to absorb the plastick-y flavor of the freezer bags.  I thought that I might be able to use them for recipes, though, so we'll see how this tastes :).  I also happened to have a container of strawberries that I picked up at the store a few days ago, so I decided to make blueberry butter and strawberry butter.  Here's what I did!

First, assemble your ingredients: 1/2 C (or so) of the fruit of your choice, 1 TBSP of honey for each batch of butter you plan to make, and two sticks of butter (I used unsalted).
Next, put in your favorite CD.  Crank 'er up!
Put two sticks of softened butter (room temp or a little softer) into your mixer.  Using the whisk attachment, whip the butter on high for several minutes, until it's fluffy.
Whip it.  Whip it good.
Drizzle in the one tablespoon of honey while the mixer is still running.  You'll have to scrape the sides down and let it whip a little more.
Then, add in your berries, and mix on low-medium speed until they are mixed in.
Lay out a length of plastic wrap and scoop the butter onto the plastic.
Begin rolling the butter up in the plastic wrap.  Wrap it tightly, because you want to get most of the air bubbles out of the log.  Once the air is out, twist the ends to close.

Then wrap it in foil, wrapping it as tightly as possible.  Twist the ends to close.

Repeat as much as you like!  I made three blueberry and one strawberry butter log.  Freeze these until you want them: you can take the log out and slice off what you want, and return the rest to the freezer.  Since it's just two of us, it'll probably take a while to go through it.  I did keep some out in the fridge for toast or biscuits or crumpets or English muffins or whatever we might eat!  Tasty, and having the fresh berries in the butter makes it feel like summer even in the deep of winter.  Thanks, Pioneer Woman, for another delicious recipe!  The strawberry butter would probably taste great on this strawberry bread that I made a while ago!

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