Friday, September 14

To Put You In the Mood For Fall

I finally got around to setting out my fall decor today.  It's officially autumn!  Well, in my mind, anyway.  We had cool weather today, rainy with a hint of leaves changing in the air.  Just a beautiful day!  During the week, I went to Jo Ann Fabrics and purchased two yards of a fall fabric to cover the mantle that will double as a Christmas cover, too.  I saved money!  (Insert the hubs rolling his eyes right here.)  It worked perfectly to fold the two yards of fabric, with right sides together, the long way (the same way it's folded on the bolt, just inside-out) then run a seam along the sides, turn it right-side out, iron, and voila!  An elegant mantle cover for the next three months.  Economical but classy.  I took a few pictures of some of the decorations, and wanted to share them with you.  Coming this weekend: a tutorial for a winter decoration for your wall or door!
Our little kitchen table
Looove this fabric
Indian corn


Loves me some Boyd's

Even the movies look ready for fall
I hope you have a wonderful fall decorating season!

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