Sunday, July 17

A Day at the Zoo

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The Toledo Zoo
My husband and I had a visitor with us this weekend--his brother.  He comes to town occasionally for job-related training, and usually when he's in the area he stops by.  This time, he stayed a few nights, so we decided to take him to The Toledo Zoo.  It's a nice zoo, and has many great exhibits.  He'd never been there, and we were trying to think of things that we would all be able to do, and this sounded like the best plan, despite the heat.  The zoo turned out to be less busy than I expected, but busy enough for a hot day.  Our first stop was the penguins, because my brother-in-law said he's never seen any before.  On the way, we stopped to see the tigers, but they were trying to stay cool inside of their little cave.  Even the penguins found that time of the day to be too hot to do anything, because there were none swimming around in the water--they were all standing in the spray mist!  I guess we arrived at the time of day when the animals were least active, so we decided to get something for lunch before seeing any more exhibits.  Then we headed to the elephants to see the newest addition, a 380 lb. baby elephant named Lucas (for Lucas County, the county where Toledo is located), and boy was he cute!  We stayed there a while, then went to see the other animals.  We checked back later at the penguins and tigers, and they were both out and about now, so we enjoyed watching them for a while.  After that, we headed over to the Africa exhibit, where giraffes, zebras, and other savannah animals are kept, then finally we headed home.  After a long hot day in the sun, we decided that dinner would be carry-out that night, and we would get ice cream later from a local sweet shop, and spend a relaxing evening watching movies before my husband's brother left the next morning.  All in all, a fun day!  Below are photos from the zoo:
Penguins in the Mist

Lucas the baby elephant
A face like no otter!
Are you lookin' at ME?
Poison Dart Frog-no touchy!
Great red octopus--very cool!
That last visitor was tasty...
Large, medium and small.

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