Monday, January 3

Happy New Year!

Come and Gone
Hello everyone!  I hope that you all had a great and relaxing holiday!

The holidays are over for another year.  I can't believe how fast it seemed to go by!  The decorations are put away, the tree has been taken down and is now awaiting its final trip to the tree recycling drop-off center, and I'm pining (no pun intended) for next Christmas already.  Is that wrong?  I look forward to Christmas all year long, and now I think I've crashed and am now a little bit blue.  January always seems so dull, since the only holiday is New Year's Day, which is at the very beginning of the month.  There's nothing to look forward to now until Valentine's Day!  I was given the Monday and Tuesday after Christmas off though, and I was very grateful for the extra days I was given off for the Christmas holiday.  (I didn't ask for them off!)  It made the trip to see my family in Michigan seem much less rushed.  We were even able to meet with some friends, who were also up in the same area, before we left.  It was nice, because we haven't seen them in quite a while.  How funny that we have to meet up in a state in which none of us live!  We do still have to have Christmas with my in-laws yet.  That will likely be coming up in the next few weekends.  Regardless, I am looking forward to a quiet rest of the winter, in which time perhaps I will be able to accomplish a few projects of my own, finally!

Auld Lang Syne/New Year's Resolutions?
We spent a quiet New Year's Eve here.  Hubby and I stayed at home and did absolutely nothing all day on Saturday, and it was great!  I do believe that I put my pajamas back on after I took a shower; I was that motivated.  It was nice!  We made a few foods that we don't normally make, to celebrate, and we watched the ball drop with Dick Clark.  Some far-away people shot off fireworks, so we enjoyed the brief display before heading to bed for the night.  All around, a well-needed weekend without something to do, and I feel much refreshed now.  We should have a quiet (and hopefully uneventful) beginning of a new year ahead of us.  So, how many people have made resolutions?  I don't do New Year's resolutions, generally.  I'm sure that there have been times when I have made them; however, they must not have been seen through, otherwise I think I would have remembered!  It's too easy for me to make promises to myself at the beginning of a new year, and even easier to forget them altogether by February 1.  For this reason, I restrain from making resolutions.  I hope that those who do vow to change something this year have great success, though.  Have a wonderful 2011!

For a great version of "Auld Lang Syne" by Barenaked Ladies, click below...special thanks to my sis for playing this album for me last Christmas!

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The current topic of many conversations is the new year, and all that will be new in the coming months. Did you know that it is also a common topic in the Bible?  In the Book of Revelation, God has promised to make all things new (Rev. 21:5, KJV).  He has also promised to make a new Heaven and a new Earth in the coming end times: " Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth.  The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind" (Isa.65:17).  I am looking forward to this new Kingdom!  It will be like nothing we have ever seen before.  Most importantly, though, we will be able to spend eternity in the very presence of the One who created us.  However, without Christ's forgiveness and intercession, that will not be the case for those who don't know Him.  With this start of the new year, if you don't know Jesus Christ, I urge you to consider starting a relationship with Him.  The Bible promises that this world will not last forever, and we certainly know that life is finite, so I encourage you to ask Jesus into your life and heart and make you new!  You will never regret it!


  1. Happy New Year to you too! Hope you had a great holiday!


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